During the Ottoman period Trabzon mat also started production of jewelery. Knitting pattern that the technical origin of the very old ages, the knights and armor based on the weave structure. First , the Trabzon Mesh , gentlemen swords arch of the article is produced and subsequently converted to jewelery. The presence of a trade on the Silk Road city of Trabzon, and due to fact that the chance of living up to the present day finds the art of jewelery.

Trabzon mat produced as 22K ( 916 ), , 21K (875), 18K (750) 14K (585), 3K (333) karat gold. Result the 0,3 mm and 0,35 mm thick, very attentive processes wire mesh is created as a province is given for knitting of Trabzon women weaver. Jewelery for centuries by masters of this art are prepared as preserves valuable workshops. Straw is a very important fine - processing passes through the workshops. Then again, buckle designs a variety of workshops, difference and diversity wins.

Trabzon mat presented as women ; belt, bracelet, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches. For men its presented as tie needle and cuttlinks.

Craft Trabzon mat products from all the world' s leading product and marketed . In Turkey , the heavy hand of the first time art jewelery is preferred. A mesh recycling important feature is that the loss of money like other jewelery. Trabzon mat is very useful.And also a very important jewelery to grandchildren to leave. Her most preferred being the handicraft of the world's and Turkey's agenda as a team ensures that state.

As a result of the studies conducted recently by the Turkish Patent Institute ( TTH) under the name of the product is certified as geographically.Fidelity and robustness of products with this patent , was controlled.